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gaspard_emily's Journal

Gaspard/Emily shipper community
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Welcome! This the Gaspard Ulliel/Emily Browning LJ community moderated by blushingsigh. This community is for people who are fans of the actors Gaspard Ulliel and Emily Browning, and also like the pairing of Gaspard/Emily in real life. This is also a community for those of us who visualise or want to see Gaspard and Emily play the characters Edward Cullen and Isabella Swann respectively on the 'Twilight' movie.
Feel free to post entries relating to the actors' latest projects, fanworks featuring the actors (e.g. icons and graphics) etc but be on topic.

- No bashing
- Tag your entries
- If you are posting icons-keep in mind that if there are more than 3 icons, the rest that exceed 3 should be placed under a lj-cut, also more than one header and banner should be placed under a lj-cut as well.
- Respect others within the community.
- Any advertisement is allowed but as long as it is related to the Twilight series or to the actors.
- Gaspard and Emily don't have a relationship in reality and we know that.
- However, submission of Gaspard/Emily fanfiction is allowed as long as it has a disclaimer.


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